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Carissa's App Picks for Kids

High-quality apps you can feel good about using with your child.

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Reviewed on 7/31/23

With all of the hype about the recent Barbie movie, why not try out a Barbie coloring app?  In the free version of this app, users can color a limited number of Barbie illustrations (including a Barbie with an artificial leg and vitiligo). There's a wide variety of colors, tints and shades as...

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Reviewed on 2/11/22

Daniel Tiger helps parents navigate challenging situations with kids, this app helps parents navigate the shows! Many thanks to the dad who told me about this app in a conversation at the library. If your family has watched Daniel Tiger and later wants to remember the song for a particular topic...

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Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool
Reviewed on 10/23/21

A multiplayer strategy game with lots of options to customize preferences. In this game, players can choose what sort of garden they want to play in (a kitchen garden or a bed of tulips), how many players (1-4) and whether they are real people sharing this app with you or whether you want to...

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Age group: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5
Reviewed on 10/23/21

An incredible exploration and playground of light and color for all ages! Tinybop (one of my favorite app developers) has come out with a new app and it's all about color and light, but explored in six different ways that were deeply engaging even for this adult reviewer. Mix colors, hunt for...

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Reviewed on 10/8/21

Do you have loved ones who live far away or who can't visit you in person as often as they'd like? Try out Caribu.  Both parties download the app and then you call each other in the app. Choose a book to read together or a page to color together or one of the fun, kid-friendly simple games to...

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Reviewed on 9/15/21

Because it's nearly impossible to accurately represent the sizes of countries (on a round planet) on a flat map, the world maps that we are accustomed to seeing are distorted. This app is a great way to get a real sense of how large different areas of the world actually are. Simply tap and hold...

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