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Reviewed on 5/20/19

Have you ever been on a nature walk and seen a plant or bug or fungi that you'd never seen before and thought, "I wonder what that is?" Good news!  There's now an app for that!  To be fair, there have been a number of apps over the years that have tried to offer similar functionality, but this...

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Reviewed on 2/18/19

Winner of the very first Excellence in Early Learning Digital Media Award, an American Library Association award! This app by PBS Kids features five different play areas -- water, shadows, weather, ramps and "gear up" -- with three games or activities in each area. The water section is...

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Age group: Preschool, Grades K-2
Reviewed on 2/1/19

Help a tiny floating ball of light travel through dark tunnels and reconnect with all of its light-ball friends. If you go too long without finding a new friend to recharge your light with, your light will fade out and you'll be returned to the beginning of that maze or to the last orange flower...

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Reviewed on 1/25/19

Explore three different play areas in Fiete's World.  At the time of this review there are three areas -- the farm / house, the lighthouse island and pirate's island (there are plans for more areas in the future!). Characters can move between the different areas by boat or piloting a helicopter...

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Age group: Preschool
Reviewed on 1/12/19

The tiniest car racing game ever!  Also, one of the few games that 11 people can play on one iPad screen at the same time (are there others?  I can't think of many).  In this simple game, choose your race course, choose the color of car you want, then as soon as the starting signal sounds,...

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Reviewed on 1/12/19

If you enjoy silly stuff, slapstick humor and a bit of surrealism, then this is the PERFECT app for you. Chuchel is a small orange dust ball who would really love to be able to eat a cherry that's as big as his head (well, his whole body, really).  Sadly, other characters and circumstances keep...

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Age group: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5