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Daniel Tiger for Parents

Daniel Tiger's face is on a red, sweater textured background with the word Parents and musical notes in yellow. The PBS Kids logo is in the bottom corner.
Reviewed on 2/11/22

Daniel Tiger helps parents navigate challenging situations with kids, this app helps parents navigate the shows! Many thanks to the dad who told me about this app in a conversation at the library. If your family has watched Daniel Tiger and later wants to remember the song for a particular topic, this app is the perfect tool to find it quickly and easily. If your family doesn't watch Daniel Tiger, this app is still a wonderful resource -- simply browse the app, searching for a close match to a current concern (Feelings, Responsibility, New Experiences, etc.), then choose a song title that fits best.  You'll be able to see the lyrics and listen to a recording of the song, then scroll down for talking points, the video clip the song was originally featured in, an opportunity to take a picture or video of you and your kid singing the song and other related parent supports.  The app can also be switched to Spanish!

Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool