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Reviewed on 5/20/19

Have you ever been on a nature walk and seen a plant or bug or fungi that you'd never seen before and thought, "I wonder what that is?" Good news!  There's now an app for that!  To be fair, there have been a number of apps over the years that have tried to offer similar functionality, but this...

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Reviewed on 11/13/18

If you're new to the world of children's apps or if you haven't purchased any (or many) of the Sago Mini apps and especially if you're looking for some great digital road trip entertainment for very young children, then THIS IS THE APP FOR YOU!  Every single Sago Mini app in the app store (there...

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Age group: Baby/toddler
Reviewed on 11/13/18

An app that gets players up, moving around and interacting!  This app is basically a digital version of the Silly Street board game, but it's brilliant because that means you can play anywhere and not lose any pieces!  To play the game, first choose how many people will be playing and which...

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Reviewed on 11/10/18

Play around with fitness and nutrition -- how do physical movement and food choices affect our weight? In this app, users first choose a character and workout clothes for that character. Next, they choose from a variety of exercises from crunches to running to cycling and more. They help the...

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Age group: Preschool
Topics: Growing Up
Reviewed on 11/5/18

What can you create in Lexi's World? Spell a word and see it come to life in Lexi's World!  With a unique choose-your-own-adventure spelling mechanism that makes this app accessible to even younger users that don't have alphabet knowledge, this app brings the joy of seeing words turn into...

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Reviewed on 10/15/18

Who's the fastest draw?  Challenge a friend (or a parent!) in this two-player drawing game.  Choose from the pre-designed drawings (from simple shapes, numbers and colors to animals, vehicles, flags and traffic signs) or design your own drawing for users to color.  The screen is set up so that...

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Age group: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5