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colorful letters spell out Caribu
Reviewed on 10/8/21

Do you have loved ones who live far away or who can't visit you in person as often as they'd like? Try out Caribu.  Both parties download the app and then you call each other in the app. Choose a book to read together or a page to color together or one of the fun, kid-friendly simple games to play. You'll be able to see a video of the other caller while you're reading (or coloring or playing) together. Either party can turn the page in the books and the books will be synced on both screens (just like reading a paper book together side-by-side!).  Choose 15 books/activities for free each month or upgrade to a subscription for unlimited access to all of the content. There's a mix of fiction and non-fiction, books you'd find in your public library and books written especially for this app. This app has at least 100 Spanish language books/activities and a handful in other languages as well.