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Book reviews for children by library staff and guest contributors

Refugee Life

Cover of Where will I live?
A review of Where will I live? by Rosemary A. McCarney

People all over the world are often forced to leave their homes. Sometimes they leave because of war, hunger, or disaster. Sometimes they leave to find better opportunities. But the question that comes next is always “Where Will I Live?” In this photo-story children from all over the world are depicted as they leave their old homes and journey to find new ones. No matter where someone comes from we all need the same things: a place to sleep, food to eat, and someone to love us.

Jul 15, 2021

Historias con elementos de suspenso / Stories with a twist

Un Zorro book cover
A review of Un Zorro: Un libro (de miedo) para contar by Kate Read

Este libro sencillo cuenta de uno hasta diez, con un sentimiento de suspenso aumentando mientras un zorro hambriento se acerca a las gallinas, y la conclusión sorprendente me hizo reír! Perfecto para leer con niños de 2-5 años, y a niños más grandes les gustará imaginar sus propias historias con elementos de suspenso.


Jul 9, 2021

Urban adventuring

Cover of Strollercoaster
A review of Strollercoaster by Matt Ringler

One cranky preschooler plus one desperate dad, a purple stroller and an urban landscape, equals a ride as exciting as any tilt-a-whirl. Strollercoaster is an invention created by Matt Ringler for his own daughter when the daily frustrations got to be too much, and an exciting distraction was just the ticket.

Jul 1, 2021

Cómo viven los árboles / How trees live

Cover of Árboles
A review of Árboles by Lemniscates

Este libro con dibujos magníficos explora las vidas de los árboles, perfecto para leer con un grupo interactivo o con niños de 2-5 años. Después de leerlo, vayan de paseo para ver los árboles en su barrio!


This beautifully illustrated book explores the lives of trees, perfect for reading with an interactive group or with kids ages 2-5. After reading this book, go for a walk to see the trees in your neighborhood!

Jun 25, 2021

Adventures in math

Cover of What Will Fit
A review of What Will Fit by Grace Lin

Part of a phenomenal new series of board and picture books, Storytelling Math, What Will Fit follows a little girl at a Farmer’s Market as she looks for the perfect item to fit into her basket. She tries a beet (too small), a zucchini (too tall), and a few other items before finding something that fits perfectly. This installment of the series focuses on spatial sense. Others focus on early geometry, patterns, and other math concepts.

Jun 22, 2021

Heart full of everything

Cover of My Heart Fills with Happin
A review of My Heart Fills with Happiness by Monique Gray Smith and Julie Flett

This sunny, inviting board book is dedicated to the former Canadian Indian Residential School students and their families as encouragement to find happiness, love, joy, and celebration in big and small ways.  Contemporary children participate in cultural activities like baking bannock in an oven and universal moments like singing, dancing and walking barefoot in the grass.  Author Monique Gray Smith is of Cree, Lakota and Scottish descent and writes award-winning children's and young adult books.  She's also an international inspirational speaker and consultant working with Indigenous commu

Jun 16, 2021

Pintando un arcoíris / Painting a rainbow

Book Cover image
A review of ¿De qué color es un beso? by Rocio Bonilla

Cuando Mónica va en bicicleta, es más rápida que el viento, pero lo que más más más le gusta del mundo es pintar. Pinta muchas cosas con todos los colores, pero nunca ha pintado un beso. Pinta con cada color para ver cual sea mejor para pintar un beso, y descubre algo de color arcoíris. Perfecto para compartir con niños de 3-6 años, y seguir con un proyecto de arte.  


Jun 15, 2021

Words that soar

Cover of At the Mountain's Base
A review of At the Mountain's Base by Traci Sorell and Weshoyot Alvitre

A loving Cherokee family waits at the mountain's base for a young pilot to return from war. Told in song, this picture book provides a larger to smaller view where the action and words are incorporated into the grandmother's weaving, building to a surprise finale. Author Traci Sorell's website describes her as an author of inclusive works for inquisitive young minds and this picture book showcases that beautifully, blending history, culture, and art in an uplifting way. 

May 24, 2021

Navigating the gap

Cover of Home is In Between
A review of Home is In Between by Mitali Perkins, illustrated by Lavanya Naidu

Shanti waves good bye to her village in India and hello to her new town in the United States. Life in her apartment with Ma and Baba feels much like life in her village, but outside, in town things are strange. Shanti goes back and forth, remembering her village, and learning her new town. Back and forth, again and again, In Between. Most of the time, Shanti goes from village to town with great joy, but sometimes it is hard.

May 20, 2021

Messages of kindness, love and appreciation

Cover of A Beautiful Day in the Nei
A review of A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood: The Poetry of Mister Rogers by Fred Rogers

This is an absolutely charming book filled with 75 songs and poems from Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood and The Children's Corner. Sweetly illustrated by Luke Flowers on full-page spreads and as inclusive and timeless as ever, the collection explores universal topics such as feelings, acceptance, friendship, bravery, and growing up. 

May 17, 2021


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