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Book reviews for children by library staff and guest contributors

Working together to solve the case

Cover of The Case of Windy Lake
A review of The Case of Windy Lake by Michael Hutchinson

Move over Boxcar Children, the Mighty Muskrats are on the case!

I highly recommend this enjoyable story and exciting mystery set in present day Canada. Realistic, multifaceted protagonists Chickadee, Otter, Atim and Samuel are inseparable cousins. They are known all over their reservation as “the mighty muskrats,” a nickname given to them by their oldest uncle.  

Apr 29, 2022

Expanding your horizons

Cover of The Sea in Winter
A review of The Sea in Winter by Christine Day

Twelve year old Maisie Cannon is all about ballet. But now, after an accident and surgery, she is recovering rather than dancing. And all is not well. Her grades are slipping, she is growing distanced from her friends, and she is being uncharacteristically snippy with her family. All that Maisie wants is to get back to dancing. While on a family trip to the Olympic Peninsula, Maisie learns about her Native heritage as well as about some of her own personal family history. And that it is ok to ask for help.

Apr 25, 2022

Animals, they're just like us

Cover of We All Play = Kimêtawâ
A review of We All Play = Kimêtawânaw by Julie Flett

Kimêtawânaw! We all play! Animals hide, peek, swim, chase, wiggle, and yawn in this gorgeously illustrated book by Cree-Meetis author, illustrator, and artist Julie Flett. And we play too! Children follow along with the fun, running and rolling in fields, climbing up snowy hills with their sleds, and winding down for a nap at the end of the book.

Apr 18, 2022

Reading that sparkles

Cover of Bunbun and Bonbon
A review of Bunbun and Bonbon by Jess Keating

Adorable Bunbun looks for a friend and finds the perfect companion in sugary Bonbon. They have a lot in common including their ability to hop, their positive outlook on life and their love of all things fancy. Their adventures include picnics, wearing costumes, eating donuts and super sparkly fun times meeting new friends. There's no limit to the kindness and helpful ways of this vibrant duo and I hope they star in many more books. For now, there are three:

Apr 11, 2022

Finding her way home

Cover of The Beatryce Prophecy
A review of The Beatryce Prophecy written by Kate DiCamillo and illustrated by Sophie Blackall

This realistic fairy tale follows Beatryce, a young girl with no memory of who she is and being hunted by the king because of a prophecy that she will unseat him, as she threads together a small band of allies with the strength of her love and courage. These friends include a very disagreeable goat, Answelica, a timid and kind monk, Brother Edik, an adventurous errand boy, Jack Dory, and a mysterious sage, Cannoc.

Apr 8, 2022

For the young "Hamilton" fan

Cover of Sophia's war: a tale of th
A review of Sophia's war: a tale of the Revolution by Avi

Newberry Medalist, Avi, writes a gripping story of the American Revolutionary War through the eyes of Sophia Calderwood. Sophia, a well-educated young lady, lives with her parents in British occupied New York. Her beloved older brother is a captured soldier in the Continental Army and her parents are secretly committed to the cause of the American Patriots. Sophia, herself an ardent Patriot, wants nothing more than to help the cause and free her brother from a horrific British prison. She is enlisted as a spy; however, the plot she uncovers is almost too outrageous to believe!

Mar 31, 2022

All shapes and sizes

Cover of Bodies are Cool
A review of Bodies are Cool by Tyler Feder

I LOVE Bodies Are Cool!  This glorious picture book celebrates all of the different human bodies that exist in the world. It is a truly joyous and inclusive book, and the delightful text and beautiful, exuberant illustrations combine to encourage body acceptance and confidence in the youngest readers – and the grown-ups who read to those little ones, too!  “My body, your body, every different kind of body!  All of them are good bodies!  Bodies are cool!” Pick up a copy of Tyler Feder’s Bodies Are Cool and share some body love and positivity with the ones you love. 

Mar 25, 2022

Musa's turn to pick

Cover of Halal Hot Dogs
A review of Halal Hot Dogs by Susannah Aziz

In Halal Hot Dogs, we follow Musa, a young Muslim boy, through his life from the vantage point of the meals his family eats. This is a fun, rollicking story filled with laughter, dancing, and delicious food. The illustrations are done in bold, bright colors that create a visual feast for the eyes. It also introduces a good deal of Arabic vocabulary.

Mar 11, 2022


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