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A monthly listing of new and/or significant books highlighting the African American experience.

Updates on the Art of the Picture Book collection and art-related events for preschool and elementary aged children. Part of the Art of the Picture Book collection at the Sequoya Library funded by Madison Community Foundation.  Published occasionally.

New audiobooks on CD purchased by the library. Published monthly.

The New York Times Best Seller lists are available here with links for each of the books to our catalog. Sign up for weekly reminders with links to fiction or nonfiction lists.

Monthly fiction or nonfiction highlights from our quarterly Beyond Bestsellers list. Available online or at your local library.

Booked for Teens is a newsletter of new teen books and teen events and classes. Published monthly.

Monthly email updates about Madison Public Library's maker-focused program, The Bubbler.  Get updates on innovative lectures, demonstrations, and make-and-take workshops offered by some of the most interesting makers in the area.

New business and investing books, as well as library news related to business and investing. Published monthly.

High-quality apps you can feel good about using with your child. Published monthly.

News and updates about Madison Public Library programs and services.  Published every two weeks. 

Fan of Films? Check out free screenings at your neighborhood library. 

Follow the progress of the Dream Bus. In 2019, Madison Public Library, Dane County Library Service, and Fitchburg Public Library, began offering bookmobile service in these five neighborhoods. 

Occasional updates of new ebooks added to Wisconsin's Digital Library, Powered by Overdrive, as well as news related to eBooks at the library.

New cookbooks as well as library news and events related to cooking. Published monthly beginning December 2019.

Madison Public Library Foundation’s Newsletter is published to thank our supporters and demonstrate how they’ve made a difference in Madison’s libraries. It is published four times each year and mailed to anyone who has made a recent donation to us. View our latest newsletter via PDF or Issuu. You may also browse our archived newsletters.

Original graphic novels, superhero comics, creator-owned series, manga, and more! Published monthly.

Titles hand-picked by a librarian. Published every other month.

New or newer LGBTQ+ titles in the library's collection. Published bi-monthly.

Book recommendations and library news & events for families or caregivers of children aged PreK- grade six. Published every two weeks.

Wellness programs and wellness-related books and resources. Published quarterly.

Weekly newsletter of book reviews written by MPL librarians from the past week.

Selected new or newer mystery and thriller/suspense titles in the library's collection. Published every month.

The latest kits added to our popular Book Club Kit collection. Published occasionally.

Follow the progress of the Pinney Library relocation project. The new library is expected to open in spring of 2020. 

Selected new or newer romance titles in the library's collection. Published monthly.

Selected new or newer science fiction and fantasy titles in the library's collection. Published monthly.

Selected new or newer science, nature, and sustainability titles in the library's collection. Published monthly.

Self-Made Style: What's new in cooking, crafts, decor, and more. Published every other month.

New and notable biographies and memoirs. Published every other month.

Madison Public Library and Madison Public Library Foundation have partnered to host the Wisconsin Book Festival, an annual four-day festival in October featuring local literary talents alongside national voices in and near the Central Library in Downtown Madison. Sign up for Festival updates and year-round author events in or in partnership with Madison libraries.

New books about Wisconsin or Madison in the library's collection, as well as features on local history initiatives and the Living History Project. Published every other month.