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Barbie Color Creations

A black Barbie and white Barbie pose in a photo with the Barbie logo and two colored pencils
Reviewed on 7/31/23

With all of the hype about the recent Barbie movie, why not try out a Barbie coloring app?  In the free version of this app, users can color a limited number of Barbie illustrations (including a Barbie with an artificial leg and vitiligo). There's a wide variety of colors, tints and shades as well as a number of different "brush" types (colored pencil, spray paint, etc.) with varying brush sizes giving users a lot of control over the coloring.  If you prefer a simpler coloring experience, users have an option to just swipe over the photo and wherever your finger brushes, full color appears on the picture. In addition to the artist's brushes, there is also a limited makeup palette if you prefer to use lipstick instead of spray paint to color Barbie's face!  Users can color the background of the image, then save the photo to their device to share with others.  Be aware that while you can use the app completely for free, there are many opportunities where users may be offered the chance to upgrade to the full version or unlock only specific elements, but all of them are tucked behind a "safety gate" so kids can't accidentally buy a bunch of in-app purchases.