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Carissa's App Picks for Kids

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Reviewed on 12/14/17

A very simple, but extremely charming app for younger players. This app follows young Hupsi (a young woodland creature -- not sure exactly what kind of animal he is) as he takes a little jog through the woods around his home. The music (featuring singing in a made-up language) is excellent and...

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Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool
Reviewed on 12/5/17

Build a park, big or small, then play in it with the animal friends from the Pango world...

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Age group: Preschool, Grades K-2
Reviewed on 11/14/17

Beautifully bizarre, surrealist puzzles that are great for adults and children to work on together. With no time limits, very little sound and a quiet atmosphere, this app is perfect for quiet afternoons or evenings at home, snuggled together on the couch. Explore this app together and my guess...

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