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Carissa's App Picks for Kids

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Reviewed on 7/31/23

With all of the hype about the recent Barbie movie, why not try out a Barbie coloring app?  In the free version of this app, users can color a limited number of Barbie illustrations (including a Barbie with an artificial leg and vitiligo). There's a wide variety of colors, tints and shades as...

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Reviewed on 10/22/20

Have you ever wanted to dress up as a character from Sesame Street?  Now you can do that on a screen! You can "dress up" as one of 6 different Sesame Street characters through the magic of Augmented Reality (AR), just look into your device's camera and suddenly, you'll appear on the screen with...

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Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool
Reviewed on 9/24/20

An engaging way to explore the universe and get a sense for the relative size of things. Simply by swiping left or right, the user zooms in towards the tiniest thing in the universe and zooms out to see... the whole observable universe. Each of the items can be clicked on to learn a little more...

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Reviewed on 9/17/20

Build whatever you want to build in this lunar landscape! There are blocks of bricks, metal, slime, even blocks that aren't "blocks" (like legs, tiny Martians, signs and flags and more). Most things can be stacked on other things to make wacky structures or make a very proper and matching...

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Topics: Google Play
Reviewed on 9/16/20

A delightful, if sometimes creepy adventure game, featuring 5 little botanical friends who scurry around a tree, solving puzzles in their quest to save their tree from parasites. This game has some challenging spots (I'll admit to looking for walkthrough cheats when I got stuck a few times), but...

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Reviewed on 9/9/20

This app is based on a story of two friends (a person named Lassa and a pink rabbit) going shopping. In one segment of the app, you can read the story (there are no recorded narration options, so you'll have to read this one yourself), but there are four other segments!  One is just like the...

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