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Light & Color by Tinybop

white light hits a line drawing of a prism and comes out as a rainbow on the opposite side
Reviewed on 10/23/21

An incredible exploration and playground of light and color for all ages! Tinybop (one of my favorite app developers) has come out with a new app and it's all about color and light, but explored in six different ways that were deeply engaging even for this adult reviewer. Mix colors, hunt for colors in the world around you (and see what different names those colors have in crayons, paint colors and other color naming schemes OR make up your own color names!), line up blocks in order of shades, tints and other challenging gradients, play with color and light, see the world through a dog's eye view or think about how colors and emotions interact. So many ways to delve into this topic and all done with Tinybop's classic innovative approach. This app also allows users to turn "labels" off and on in each play area and those labels can be changed to over 50+ different languages in the settings!