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Family Style: Co-op Kitchen

cooked Shrimp on top of diagonal stripe background
Reviewed on 2/6/21

A cooperative cooking game to play together with a group of people, each with their own screen! Combine ingredients on a plate as indicated on the "recipe" cards at the top of the screen. Once you've combined all of the ingredients, swipe the full order to the top of your screen to serve it. In the meantime, more ingredients keep appearing on your screen and they might be needed by other players in your group.  Swipe the ingredients to the right or left to share them with the other players (swipe right to share them with the player on your right, etc.). To play this game, you must have at least two mobile devices (preferably at least 3, up to a maximum of 8). The game can be played with people who aren't in the same house as you, but you need to have some way to talk to them during the game (potentially needing yet another device to call them to talk). As the game progresses, the timer to complete your plate gets faster and the food preparation gets more complex with cutting boards and frying pans and pots of boiling water being added (although maybe only one person on your team has a cutting board and you have to ask them to slice your ingredient or boil it or fry it). It's a fast-paced game (so if that stresses you or your kids out this is not the game for you) and you need to be able to ask for ingredients while listening to other people asking for ingredients that you have (so if noise chaos is not your thing, then this isn't the right game for you), but if you're okay with frantic, loud, hilarious gameplay, this is a great game for your family and friends to play together!  If you've ever played the card game or app called Space Team, this game is similar but MUCH simpler -- Family Style is a good starter "cooperative shouting game." You can download and play for free with a starter set of ingredients and recipes and ads at the end of each full game or pay small fees to remove the ads or add in extra ingredient and recipe packs. The app is available on both iOS & Android and can be played on a mix of platforms. Other than the written instructions, this game is wordless (and the images in the instructions are pretty clear without needing the text), so you could choose to have your frantic verbal collaboration in whatever language you choose!