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Pettson's Inventions Lite

Reviewed on 7/29/14

My child actually played this as a 2 year old, but it took a lot of adult assistance as he conquered the learning curve. I’ve put it in school age here because I’m guessing that’s closer to its intended audience. Use the gadgets and pieces in the sidebar to build an “invention” that will perform a hilarious animation when it’s all put together (very Rube Goldberg-esque). The machines start out simple and get increasingly complex as you progress through the games. There’s no time limit or scores to stress out about. If you want to make it more challenging, you can choose (in the full version) to add “red herrings” to the sidebar–gadgets that do not belong in the finished invention–to throw you off track. Pettson’s Inventions comes in both a lite and full version and there is a sequel (Pettson’s inventions 2). The full version of the app has 25 mini-puzzles and the lite version is the first seven of those puzzles. (This app also available on Android!)

Age group: Grades 3-5
Topics: Puzzles, STEM