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How do Animals Work?

blue frog with a cutaway body revealing inner anatomy
Reviewed on 2/6/21

In this app, explore 7 different animals (anaconda, macaw, spider monkey, jaguar, blue poison dart frog, electric eel and the pink Amazon River dolphin), both inside and out. For each animal, you can identify major body parts, then look at different layers (muscles, skeleton, digestive system (you can feed the animal!), nervous system, vascular system and respiratory system). There's also a section about their reproductive cycle, special skills for each animal and a book section that includes photographs of the real animals and a few paragraphs of information.  Users can click on a button to hear the paragraphs read aloud, so this app is appropriate for pre-readers. The part of this app that is perhaps most impressive to me are the seventeen language options you can choose from!  And not only is the text translated, but there's recorded narration for each of those languages as well. Think of your favorite animal anatomy book -- this is the app version of that, but with animations and narration as well!