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Letter Rooms

white letter A on a patterned green background
Reviewed on 9/15/21

Letter Rooms is a word scramble game with a few unique twists. Shift letter tiles around to spell the word that answers each clue. As you progress in the game, new challenges (like letters you can turn on and off or toggle through some different letter options) will appear. The letters are in white against a colored background. Fun note-- if you put the letters in alphabetical order you'll find that the colored backgrounds make a lovely rainbow! If you choose to have the sound on, there's a pleasant xylophone tone that rises in pitch as you move the tiles from left to right. Settings options include turning off the sound, turning off the haptic feedback (a little "click" you can feel as you slide the tiles along), switching the language from English to German and choosing a dyslexic-friendly font and turning off the background patterns (leaving only a colored background for each letter). At the time of this writing, the app is brand new and still has a few typos, but they are working to fix those soon!  If you've got a kiddo who enjoys word play challenges, this is a great option. Simple and intuitive to use with challenges increasing as the game progresses and the wide variety of user settings makes this one easy to customize to each player.  Full disclosure: I was provided a free copy of this app for review, but the opinions are all my own.