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Photo Play (for families)

A smiley face inside a polaroid type frame in front of a purple fireworks scene.  in the bottom right corner is a red shield with white letters H G S E
Reviewed on 7/14/21

Grab a photo from your camera roll and play along with this app created by Harvard University. There are three things you can choose to do with each photo: talk about the photo, decorate the photo (using virtual stickers and markers) or (my favorite) play hide and seek. The first option gives discussion prompts.  The second gives you access to a number of different colors and some silly "stickers" like cartoon eyes, bunny ears, etc. to make your picture more silly and also offers conversation prompts.  The third option lets the "hider" choose one of 6 objects to hide somewhere in the photo.  Then the seeker closes their eyes and the hider moves the object to where they'd like to hide it, taps the object once and it "hides behind" your photo in that spot. Then, the app prompts you with some great questions to help you narrow down where you think the object is hidden. A simple game, but one that could be really fun to play together wtih another person.

Age group: Preschool, Grades K-2