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Kitty Letter

gray cat holds letter tiles with A B C in front of a rainbow circle
Reviewed on 6/18/21

Battle your friends (or enemies or strangers or the app itself) using VOCABULARY! In this wacky app created by The Oatmeal, you spell words to send out battalions of exploding cats to counteract your opponent's cats. You can play solo (against the app) or you can play against strangers or you can set up a game for a friend to join and you can play on your own devices against each other. Players definitely need to be comfortable with reading and spelling and the pace of the game speeds up as you progress, so if speed challenges stress you out (or exploding cats) this might not be the right game for you. With the bizarre humor and artwork of The Oatmeal, and an app store age rating of 12+, you might want to preview this one to make sure you're okay with the content for younger players, but it's a fun, free option for older kids.  There are in-app purchases for extra silly things like funny avatars or funny houses, but those are not necessary to play and enjoy the game.

Age group: Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12