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2 Doors

Vida Cross
1: Between 2 Doors

Between 2 doors
the slave women carried food
from cook shack to main house

There was hunger
from not eating
from saying goodbye to that which you had created

O, how it was prized and paraded
between 2 doors

2: 2 Lines

I dreamt I was in a soul train line
on the left

All the black people from my college
rocked back and forth

Wearing suits and dresses
no one would dance down the middle

Too good to do the Lindy Hop
the lines wouldn’t move

They were a simple sway
rocking back and forth
in place

3: A Rectangle

Draw 2 lines that are horizontal

Connect 2 lines that are vertical on each end

Trap something in the middle
Madison Poet Laureate, Madison Public Library Poet-in-Residence
Why I chose this poem: 

Vida Cross serves on the Board for the Wisconsin Center for the Book (WCB) and is a liaison for WCB for the Wisconsin Poet Laureate Commission.  A 2018 Pushcart nominee, her book of poetry, Bronzeville at Night:1949, debuted in 2017.  She is a Cave Canem fellow who holds an MFA in Writing and an MFA in Filmmaking from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, an MA in English from Iowa State University and a BA from Knox College. Her work has appeared in several journals and anthologies including MilwaukeeNoir and A Civil Rights Retrospective.

Poem source: 

Through This Door: Wisconsin in Poems

Through This Door