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Heroic Love

Min E. Rhymes
Some want a SuperMan, Or a WonderWoman/
Tall, Skinny, long hair, slim or somewhat fat/I want her deep like Aquaman, and with more gadgets than
the MAN with the Bats/If only my heart could regenerate from its wounds like WOLVERINE/Meaning
even after it breaks it can come back the same know what I mean/In a DeadPool, I bring the life, 
more than just a Thing .. with Mr. Xavier's foresight/being a Captain of America doesn't always provide me 
with light/With my Green Lantern I have a FLASH of light, looking to avoid the Storm/So I throw a Spider 
Web to show that I'm a Iron Man standing strong and firm while also deflecting the social norms/
It doesn't matter if I X-Men to Avenge my past, We all need God to make love last
Library Staff
Why I chose this poem: 
I chose it because I think the vibe of the poem is very nice, while also using unique wordplay throughout. I believe it definitely speaks to Marvel/Comic book people while it could also be a new to give a novice something or someone to want to research.