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Programs and Initiatives

Learn about some of Madison Public Library's ongoing and past programs and initiatives.

The Bubbler

The Library's community-wide maker program. Check out upcoming workshops and events.

Library Takeover

YOUR idea. OUR space, time, and resources. Come take over the library.

Teejop and Beyond

Programs from a variety of Native artists, storytellers, and community leaders.

Observation Deck

A librarian’s toolkit app for collecting and analyzing qualitative data and outcomes in library programs.

Parents as First Teachers

Early literacy materials, training, and resources for public health staff.


A bicycle-powered micro library. Coming to a neighborhood near you.

National Poetry Month

The largest literary celebration in the world highlighting poetry's vital place in our culture.

Wanda Fullmore Youth Internship Program

Madison youth getting involved in local government and gaining training and employment.

Writing @ Madison Public Library

Resources and upcoming events aimed at helping aspiring writers.

Book Club Café

An annual Friends tradition celebrating reading with a rotating featured author.


Green partnerships at Madison Public Library.

Madison Reading Project

Working together to impact the literacy landscape in Madison.