Western romance done right

A review of A Touch of Frost by Jo Goodman

Jo Goodman excels at setting, character development, and dialogue, all of which help to make her newest a delight to read. Though she's written a lot of romances set in Regency England, her more recent romances have been set in the American west and each is well done.

In A Touch of Frost, Phoebe Apple is traveling from New York to Frost Falls in Colorado to visit her older sister Fiona, who married rancher Thaddeus Frost a year or so ago. On the train ride Phoebe notices a handsome man who seems to have an eye on her, but before she can spend much time pondering his presence, her train is attacked by robbers who kidnap her.

Luckily for her, her erstwhile admirer is actually Remington Frost, son of Thaddeus, and tasked with making sure she makes it safely to Frost Falls. He was knocked unconcious when the train first slammed to a halt (much to his chagrin) so he missed her being kidnapped. Once he wakes up he goes in pursuit. And it won't surprise you (if you've read a romance or two or three thousand) that he is able to catch up with her and get her safely (eventually) to the ranch. Striking a million sparks off each other along the way.

Jo Goodman has created a sparkling pair in Remington and Phoebe. They equal one another in intelligence and wit and make for about as matched a pair as you'll find in any romance. Their chemistry just soars. And supporting them is a well-drawn cast of characters, especially Fiona and Thaddeus who are struggling with making their own marriage work. Great stuff from Ms. Goodman.