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Two holidays, one family

Cover of Two New Years
A review of Two New Years by Richard Ho
Lynn Scurfield

This beautiful picture book tells the story of a family who celebrates two New Years - Rosh Hashanah in the fall and Lunar New Year in the spring.

The simple text details the any differences between these two holidays - for example, one follows the Jewish calendar and one follows the Chinese calendar - as well as some of the similarities - both inspire delicious dishes! Bold colorful illustrations are full of cheerful details, and this is a great book for kids who celebrate these New Years to see themselves represented, or for anyone to learn more about different holidays.

The author's note by Jewish and Chinese author Ricahrd Ho talks about how his children get to grow up with both these cultures, and a visual glossary includes information about the different symbols and traditions represented in the book. Finally, readers are invited to reflect on how we each celebrate the New Year and our own family traditions and cultures.

Winner of the 2024 Sydney Taylor Award in the picture book category. Read more about all the 2024 ALA Youth Media Award Winners here.

Apr 12, 2024