Teenage vampire love saga continued

A review of Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

A previous post featuring Stephanie Meyer's Twilight made me want to comment upon the latest in Bella and Edward's teen vampire love saga, Eclipse.  Edward and Bella have returned from Europe and stepped back into their lives.  It seems that everything is going back to normal, but Bella's relationship with Jacob has changed forever due to the hatred between werewolves and vampires, in fact she has been forbidden to see him.  Bella's strong desire to be Jacob's friend clashes with Edward's desire to keep Bella safe.  She betrays his wishes and begins seeing Jacob.   Bella's relationship with Jacob begins a powerful love triangle storyline.  Who will Bella choose?  Will she agree to marry Edward and be converted to a vampire?

Bella's love life is the main plot line, but Meyer also provides interesting backstory on Rosalie and the werewolves of La Push.  This book does not have the action of the previous titles in the series, but the emotional struggles move the plot along at a quick pace.  I was extremely upset by Bella's choice in the end, what did you think and how will this effect the next book in the series?

The wait for this book could be a little long, so if you need to satisify your teenage vampire love saga craving try Tantalize by Cynthia Leitich Smith.


Fangtastic review, Kelly! (I couldn't resist.) Seriously, though, these books are so hot - almost as hot as Harry Potter, for kids and adults.

I agree with molly i love these books though i could see how a girl would enjoy them more.

Do you also find it weird that im a guy and i like romace novels? im not gay or bisexual if that was going to be your thought on the matter

The Twilight books are the best i have ever read i must say that i dont think i will find better no matter how hard i look i want to say thank you to Stephenie Meyer for making my lonely nights full of happiness and exscitement and how she has made me know that some people can have Love. im so happy i come across her book by change as they have helped me full very lonely hours and make me feel i have more to live for LOVE.
So thank you for writing the best book i have read so far im look forward for the 4th in may 08 and i know you will give as much happenes with the new one as you have with all your others.

I love this series.
you wouldn't believe.
i read this book in a day in a half.
i started the first one on a thursday and finshed all three before tuesday.

i was hooked.

i absolutly loved these books!i read them multiple times and the wait for the next one is so torturous.when will it come out?!?! i cant wait any longer.anyways,they made me stop watching tv so much.thats how good they were.too hard to put down.

I love these books too! The official release date for Breaking Dawn will be Saturday, August 2, 2008.

These books are awsome. These were the longest books I've ever read. They were also the ones I read in the least amount of time. Im addicted to these books. Lol, so much that when I thought I wasnt going to be able to buy Eclpise I started to cry. (they told me it wasnt at the bookstore) Turned out they suprised me with it. =D I cant wait to purchase the upcoming one, and the rest to come. This book seires is a drug to me, and Im the bad influece lol im making everyone try this drug. I just gave the first book to my boyfriend (soon he'll be addicted) Is anyone in love with Edward?? I am!! I wish he was real!!

I agree with everyone! These books are so amazing. ionce i picked them up i couldn't stop. I'm in love with Edward and don't even know why! he is so amazing and the way stephenie M describes him makes me not only crave the next book for all the adventures and such... but for him! haha i know soo weird. but i just can't resist. And im having a very hard time waiting for the next book. its like everytime i start thinking about these books i go crazzzyy with all my eagerness for Breaking Dawn to come out! ahhh :)

I am very impressed with the way all the Twilight"" novels ""pull"" you into them. When reading you are so drawn into the lives of Edward and Bella that you seem to forget about the reality of your actual own life around you..lol They are easy reads and I LOVED them. Only comparable to Rowling's Harry Potter. I did get a chance to watch the movie ""Twilight"" last night and I have to say that I was completely disappointing in the movie. It did not live up to my standards and Bella & Emmett's were the only ones who were able to actually portray their characters to my liking. Edwards acting was horrific and I actually chuckled quite a few times at the ""cheesiness"" of the anger scenes. Very poorly portrayed and did the book no justice! It was very comparable to a low budget horror flick. Sad. I felt no chemistry between Edward's and Bell's characters and I sincerely wish I had not seen the movie because I am re-reading the books and can not get the poor acting out of my head."

i've read this book an i am nuthin close to bein gay or biesextual (no offense to the gays) I'm a guy an i've read these books but not cuz they are romance novels, but because they are full of action, and have some realistic situations in them that i can relate to an others i can't...either way the books are good and the series should continue!

The Best out of all of the Books! Eclipse"" is the #1 FAVE to me and my family! -Madison"

I think this book was awesome but I sldo think Jacob and Bella could have been more than friends that would have made the storie more interesting ut it was still awesome but Bella is to excited about becoming a vampire does she want to be a vampire more than she wants edward? I already know the answer because i read all four books and the ending is sweet, sexy, and tasty!!! if you know what i mean

the twilight saga is the best books ever this are the only books i couldnt stop reading i find my self wanting more i was sad when i finished reading all 4.....best book ever!!!! team edward of course!!

the twilight saga is the best thing ever.....im in 10th grade an ive never read a book that thick ecspecially not 4 of them.....there the only books ive ever been really intrested in.

I love this saga he has created...i was not much of a reader before this but know i find myself wanting more