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Reviewed on 3/23/19

Billed as "playable TV" this app has a unique feel. Watch as genius inventor Billie explains to her animated avocado friend, Avo, her latest creations, then she often tells Avo of some objects she needs.  Players then can draw a line on the screen wherever they'd like Avo to walk.  As he walks along, he gathers up pink beans, the necessary objects and finds hidden bonuses. You can work through the first two episodes without needing more beans than Avo can gather, but once you hit the third episode, you'll need to purchase more beans (an in-app purchase) to be able to play through. One thing that sets this app apart from others is the live action video that continues while you draw lines for Avo to walk -- in one scene, Billie continues to tinker in the background, in another, small waves come and go on the beach. There is also an augmented reality option so that you can see Avo navigate in your own world!  This is the first app from Playdeo -- I'm looking forward to seeing what else they do with this innovative format.

Age group: Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8
Topics: Science, Stories