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Budget Process

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Agency Mission

Madison Public Library promotes lifelong learning by creating welcoming spaces that offer services and collections that inform, inspire, enrich and entertain.

Core Services

Accessible Collections

Madison Public Library provides free access to books, ebooks, and other digital content and serves as an educational resource for learners of all ages and incomes; these collections are accessible through nine locations throughout the city and via a computerized reservation system and digital downloading via the library’s web site.

Customer Assistance

The Library provides customized, on-call research assistance on any and all topics, and extends that service through online support, social media, and a web site featuring research assistance and recommendations.

Computer and Internet Connectivity

Madison’s libraries provide computers and internet access at all libraries to all residents regardless of age or income, and provide assistance and training with computers, internet-related technology, and digital devices for persons of all skill levels.

Events and Classes

The Library provides free learning opportunities via educational events, classes and programs for people of all ages, often in conjunction with other community agencies; this includes a focus on building early literacy among preschoolers, summer programs for school-aged children, and events of particular interest for teens and adult groups.

Community Spaces

Library buildings are convenient and much-used neighborhood gathering places, providing our community and other city agencies with much-needed public spaces for neighborhood meetings, tutoring, social services and literacy outreach, and many other educational opportunities.


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