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Bestsellers and Serendipity

serendipity DVDs and CD DVD players

Books: Bestseller Collections

Interested in reading the trendiest titles but want to skip the hold list?  Madison Public Library’s bestseller collection gathers the most in-demand fiction and nonfiction print titles that are topping national bestseller lists and local demand, with selections refreshed on a regular basis. Bestseller collections are at all MPL locations, can be checked out for 14 days, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis inside the library.  

DVDs & Blu-Ray: Serendipity

Each MPL location has a 50+ title collection of high-demand feature films called 'Serendipity,' with multiple copies of the blockbusters. In the mix at some locations are entire seasons of particularly buzzed-about TV shows - packaged for bingeing with the entire season in one case. All locations have CD/DVD player burners to borrow as part of the Serendipity Collection. Everything in this collection is available on a walk-in use basis- no holds via LINKcat.