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Graphic Novels for Middle Grade Readers

Graphic novels engage both reluctant readers and visual learners. It's no surprise that our graphic novel collections are very popular and growing. Here are some titles to check out!

Cover of Swim Team

Bree is moving across the country and starting at a brand new middle school. There she joins the swim team, even though she can’t swim. Thankfully a kind neighbor in her apartment who is a former swim team captain jumps in to help her, but will Bree be able to gain enough skill to beat out her rival from a more prestigious school?

Cover of Allergic
Megan Wagner
Michelle Mee Nutter

Maggie wants a puppy. It would be the perfect companion for her in a family where she feels like she’s alone. However, it turns out she’s allergic to dogs! Warning: there are images of needles in this book.

Cover of The Secret Garden: a Graph
Hanna Luechtefeld

A fresh, visually appealing retelling of the novel long loved for decades, The Secret Garden tells the story of 10-year-old Mary Lennox who moves to a manor to live with her Uncle Craven. Mysteries abound upon the estate, Uncle Craven stays completely out of sight, and Mary is lonely and unhappy. However, she discovers a lost, wild garden and begins to tend to it, and winds up making some friends along the way.

Cover of Mary Anne’s Bad Luck Mys
Ann M.
Cynthia Yuan Cheng

Mary Anne receives a chain letter in the mail. Thinking nothing of it, she throws it away. But after that, everyone in the Babysitter’s Club starts having bad luck. And to top it all off, she receives a bad luck charm in the mail from an anonymous sender.

Cover of Frizzy
Claribel A.

Marlene has big, beautiful, curly hair. But her mother insists that she get it straightened at the salon every week to keep it looking “presentable.” This is an emotional story about mother-daughter relationships and self-acceptance.

Cover of Katie and the Cupcake Cure
Glass House Graphics

When Katie loses her best friend, she decides to start a Cupcake Club and make new friends. This story abounds with mean girls, friendship, and cupcakes!

Cover of The Tryout
Joanna Cacao

7th-grader Christina and her friend Megan decide to try out to be cheerleaders and become the only non-white people in the squad. They both train hard, but there’s no guarantee that they will both make the cut.

Cover of Wings of Fire the Graphic
Tui T.
Mike Holmes

Moonwatcher is struggling with her mind reading and prophetic abilities. Then, dragons within the academy begin to be attacked, and she may know why. But she might risk endangering herself if she does something about it.

Cover of Delicates

Marjorie Glatt befriends a ghost in her family’s laundromat named Wendell. Soon after, she gets accepted into the popular crowd at school and decides she has to hide her friendship with Wendell from them. Eliza Duncan is a ghost photographer who gets bullied by Marjorie’s friends at school. Marjorie must decide whether being popular is more important than her friendship with Wendell and keeping Eliza from getting bullied.

Cover of The Awakening Storm
Vivian Truong

Grace is living a normal enough life. However, upon moving to Hong Kong, she receives a dragon egg. The egg hatches and adventure ensues, from kidnappers to a king dragon.