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Managing Your Holds

In LINKcat, you can have up to 75 items on hold.  You can manage your holds so that they are all pending, or you may suspend holds so too many items do not come at the same time.  You can also suspend holds if you'll be out of town or unavailable to pick your holds up, and may set a date for the holds to resume pending status.

Want to put more than 75 items on hold?  Use Lists to keep track of items you want to place on hold in the future.

Placing a Hold

To begin, search for an item in LINKcat, then select the desired item from the results list by clicking on a title to view its record or by checking the box(es) in front of the title(s). Then:

  • Click on the Place a Hold link
  • Log into your account (change pickup location from confirmation screen, if needed)
  • Click on Submit to confirm your request
  • The selected title will appear on your holds list

Managing Your Holds List

Log into your account to access your holds list. To view your holds, select Holds from the My Summary tab.

Status of Holds

  • Pending = hold placed, not yet filled
  • In Transit = item is on its way
  • Waiting = item is available for pick up

Cancel Holds

Find the item in your holds list. Click on the Cancel button on the right, then click OK in the pop-up box.

Suspend Holds

Going to be unavailable or out of town? Suspend your holds so you don’t miss them.

Find the item in your holds list and click the Suspend button. Optionally, enter the date upon which you want your hold to resume

Resume Holds

Your suspended holds will appear in a separate list below your pending holds. Find the item in your suspended holds list, then click the Resume button.