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Questions about LINKcat

Q. I can't log in.
A. To login, use your full 14 digit barcode number (or the short version, which is all digits after 290780...) and the password assigned to you when you applied for your library card (formerly called PIN number). 

Q. Can LINKcat remember my library card number from visit to visit so I don't have to type it in every time I visit the catalog?
A. We purposely choose not to enable this technology with cookies because so many visits to the library catalog happen in our libraries, on computers that many people use each day. For your privacy, LINKcat refreshes frequently and does not save form data. However, you can set your own computer or mobile internet device to remember your login and password for LINKcat by choosing the options in your web browser that save form data and passwords. We recommend you do this only if you do not share your computer/device with others.

Q. What is my "home library" and how can I change it?
A. Your home library was assigned to you when your library card was created. "Home library" controls your default holds pickup location and your online database access privileges. If you would like to change your home library to another location, just let our staff know the next time you check out.

Q. Who has access to my Checkout History?
A. "Checkout History" is an optional feature of LINKcat. It allows you to choose to save a record of everything you've checked out from the library in order to track things you've read or viewed over the years and may want to read or view again. But other library users are concerned about privacy concerns stemming from library circulation records being kept as records of library activity. We invite you to read our Confidentiality Policy and details about the library usage records we keep before choosing to turn this feature on in your library account.

Q. How can I find new DVDs? or new books?
A. Use Advanced Search and select multiple limits. Here are step-by-step instructions.