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Library Board

The Madison Public Library is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors, appointed for three year terms by the Mayor of Madison. The Board's authority to oversee the policies and direction of the Library is derived from Chapter 43 of Wisconsin statutes. The Library Board works in conjunction with the Mayor, library staff, and the Madison Common Council to plan, fund and implement public library service in Madison. To contact all members of the Library Board, please email

Board Members

  • President - Alyssa Kenney (term expires 6/30/24)
  • Vice-President/MMSD Representative - Lisa Hempstead (term expires 6/30/23)
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Mathias N. Lemos Castillo (term expires 6/30/25)
  • City Council Member - Ald. Sabrina Madison (term expires 4/15/25)
  • Genevieve Carter (term expires 6/30/26)
  • Tom DeChant (term expires 6/30/25)
  • Salud Garcia (term expires 6/30/26)
  • Jolynne Roorda (term expires 6/30/24)
  • one position vacant
Board Agendas & Minutes 2023-2024
February 22, 2024 Agenda  
January 4, 2024 Agenda Minutes
December 7, 2023 Agenda Minutes
November 2, 2023 Agenda Minutes
October 5, 2023 Agenda Minutes
September 7, 2023 Agenda Minutes
August 2, 2023 Agenda Minutes
July 6, 2023 Agenda Minutes
June 1, 2023 Agenda Minutes
May 4, 2023 Agenda Minutes
March 30, 2023 Agenda Minutes
February 23, 2023 Agenda Minutes
January 5, 2023 Agenda Minutes

View upcoming meetings on the City of Madison's Committee Meeting Schedule. View all past agendas and minutes through the City of Madison's Legislative Information Center. View the Bylaws of the Library Board.


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