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Top 5 (+2!) apps to connect to loved ones from a distance

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Reviewed on 11/20/20

Here are a few apps that might help you connect with each other from afar, in order from youngest users to oldest. The first four are ones that would work well during a video call.

  1. Sesame Street Family Play -- includes specific suggestions for simple, original games you can play together, including a whole category for "video chat" activities!
  2. Silly Street Learn & Play -- "cards" pop up with instructions for silly challenges that will have the whole group in giggles!
  3. YakLibs -- like MadLibs, but at the end you can hear the story read by the app in a voice like Siri or Alexa. It's hilarious to see what silly things you can come up with and thankfully there's also a naughty word filter.
  4. Heads Up Kids -- just like the board game Heads Up, but with more cards to guess from!
  5. Chatterpix Kids -- take a photo, add a mouth, record a message and the mouth will move in sync with the words you say.  What ridiculous thing can you make talk? Your dog? Your spoon? a roll of toilet paper? Then e-mail the message to family and friends afar to share a giggle together!
  6. Foldify -- This app provides templates for some printable paper 3D shapes. Users can draw on the shapes on the screen, then save the image as a PDF and e-mail it out. This would be a great way for kids to make special place cards or table decorations for family even though they can't eat at the same table.
  7. Among Us -- for older kids only, this game is surprisingly fun for groups of 4-10 players and you don't have to share a physical space to be able to play together.