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Silly Street Learn & Play

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Reviewed on 11/13/18

An app that gets players up, moving around and interacting!  This app is basically a digital version of the Silly Street board game, but it's brilliant because that means you can play anywhere and not lose any pieces!  To play the game, first choose how many people will be playing and which animal icon they'd like to play as. Up to six players can play at once. Then, choose which card packs you'd like to use (note: the game comes with 6 card packs and you can choose to purchase additional packs in the "super boring looking parent portal" as desired).  Some of the card packs have themes like "pirates" while others are grouped by types of activities like "big heart cards" that "build empathy." On a player's turn, they'll flip over a card and it will be either a solo play or a group challenge.  The whole group will decide if you successfully complete the solo play (e.g. "Make up a knock knock joke about the picture below.") and award you a thumbs up (or thumbs down if not) and you move forward however many spaces the card specifies.  For group challenges, everyone has to do something together (e.g. "Have a one-leg-standing contest, who lasts the longest?") and the winner gets to move ahead the number of spaces indicated.  Game play is simple, but entertaining for all ages. The best part is that you'll spend more time looking at each other than at the screen and giggling is guaranteed. Highly recommended!  (Bonus: if you DO happen to own the board game version, this app can act as an extra bonus pack of activity cards!)