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Foldify - Create, Print, Fold!

Reviewed on 11/17/16

Design your own printable paper toys! Choose a shape, draw on it, add photos and digital "stickers," then print it, cut it out, glue it togther and you've got your very own designed toy. This great, open-ended creativity app has so many possibilities for all ability levels.  Young children will need help with the cutting and construction, but they'll be able to swipe colors across the shape to design it.  Some shapes are more complicated to put together than others, so choose carefully.  For beginners, there are a few shapes already designed (just print, cut and glue) and a few "coloring book" options with designs drawn on with line drawings ready for you to color in the images as you please. You can also take photos right in the app or use any photos from your camera roll (or save images from the web). Users can also upload their original designs to the app's community and share them with the world!  Once your design is complete, you can choose to print it in a small, medium or large size and you can e-mail it to anyone.  What a fun treat to send to far-away family!  If you love this one, be sure to also check out Foldify Zoo and Foldify Dinosaurs for more paper creatures that you can print, cut, fold & glue together.

This app is also available for iPhone.

Age group: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5