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Sesame Street Family Play / Sesamo ¿Listos? ¡A Jugar!

¿Listos? ¡A Jugar!
Reviewed on 10/30/14

A unique app from the creators of Sesame Street.  This app suggests "off-screen" games for you to play with your child.  It starts by asking a few simple questions (what kind of play do you want (move your body? calm down?) where you are (kitchen? bathroom? in a video chat?), how many kids are playing and what common household materials you might have close at hand) then it chooses a game to recommend, explains the rules and tells you what benefits your child gets from playing this game together with you.  It’s sweet, well-designed and has a wide variety of fun game ideas! Update 2020: after disappearing from the App Store for a few years, this app has returned, with the option to choose to play in English or Spanish and they've removed options like "restaurant" and added "video chat" for more quarantine-appropriate play options.