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Check out a book from your couch

Wisconsin's Digital Library
Audio and Ebooks Online

Most area libraries have been closed for a few days now and many of you are social distancing and staying home (and washing your hands, natch). And if you're like me your anxieties and stresses are many, and perhaps among them is 'will I have enough books to read?' Sure, this may seem like a minor consideration in the grander, global scheme of things, but for me right now distraction of any kind helps me in de-stressing. I'm guessing the same may be true for many of you. So with this in mind I wanted to remind you that you have access to books and audiobooks to download from the Wisconsin Digital Library with your library card at any time of the day.

The Wisconsin Digital Library currently has 67,305 ebook titles in its collection and 22,648 audiobooks - numbers that are going to change as the Madison Public Library Foundation donated $50,000 to add more eBook and downloadable audiobooks to Overdrive/Libby. SCLS folks are buying new titles and adding additional copies to high-demand titles daily. And if the title you wanted has a long waiting list, you can check out the Lucky Day collection of popular titles (both ebook and audio) that have shorter check out periods and don't have holds on them for something that is available right now. If you're someone who prefers to listen, there are Always Available Audiobooks for you to browse as well.

Take a look and find your own version of distraction, whatever that may be. Stay well and take good care.

Mar 20, 2020