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An ode to the couch

Cover of The Truth About the Couch
A review of The Truth About the Couch by Adam Rubin

I don't know where picture book authors get their ideas from. But I can tell you that if you asked me for what I might want to write about, the couch, is probably one of the last things I would have come up with. Luckily for everyone, Adam Rubin thinks a bit differently than me.

A friendly fox is going to tell us all about the couch - including the things the furniture police don't want you to know. He even brings visual aids! (Actually, parents might not want you to know about pillow sliding either.) You will learn about couches insatiable hunger for things like coins, cell phones, and remote controls, where they come from (grown on a farm? actually aliens?) and fun things you can use them for. Opossum is skeptical, but might just come around to fox's way of thinking. Check out this hilarious book and see what you think!

Jun 7, 2024