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The We Are Kidlit Collective

We Are Kid Lit Collective
Thaddeus Andracki
Edith Campbell
Sarah Park Dahlen
Sujei Lugo
Lyn Miller-Lachmann
Nathalie Mvondo
Debbie Reese
Ed Spicer
The We Are Kidlit Collective

"Books we recommend are ones written or illustrated by Native Americans or writers/illustrators of color that have withstood a critical review. We want readers to become familiar with the names on the list and their creative work and to enjoy the stories they tell and the people they represent.  We are proud to share our list." (Formerly known as the We're the People Summer Booklist)

"The We Are Kidlit Collective works to create materials and opportunities to recognize the humanity of Indigenous and People of Color (IPOC) in youth literature. Our work is premised upon the principles of social justice, equity, and inclusion and centers IPOC voices in children’s literature in order to identify, challenge and dismantle white supremacy and both internalized and systematic racism.  Our intended audience includes educators, librarians, caregivers and young people. We look for ways to improve the literacies of IPOC children, promote books written by and about IPOC, and to encourage gatekeepers to bring a lens of critical literacy to their work."