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What the dead forget

Cover of The Dead Cat Tail Assassin
A review of The Dead Cat Tail Assassins by P. Djeli Clark

Clark introduces readers to a new fantasy world in this latest novella and I'm so here for it.

Eveen is a an undead assassin. When she died she was offered a chance at an undead life - though she has no memory of how that came to be or why she would have made such a choice. As part of her deal she owes her goddess years of service as an assassin. As the goddess's assassin she has to follow 3 rules:

  1. The contract must be just (the goddess decides)
  2. An assassin may only kill the one they've been contracted for (no killing of innocent bystanders)
  3. Once you accept the job, you must carry it out

It's that third one that gets Eveen in trouble when she accepts a commision and then finds an unexpected victim - one that throws everything she thought she knew about her role and world into question. She's got until daybreak to figure out whether she can/should go through with her assignment. All while she has the rest of the Dead Cat Tail Assassins tasked with making sure she does or they'll mete out the consequences to her and her "victim".

Clark has created another richly detailed world peopled by complex characters caught up in a fast-paced, mysterious plot. All that in a novella length book. What an incredible feat. Loved this.

Jul 1, 2024