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La baguette magique

Cover of I Always Think It's Foreve
A review of I Always Think It's Forever: A Love Story Set in Paris as Told by an Unreliable But Earnest Narrator by Timothy Goodman

This book created by award-winning graphic artist Timothy Goodman is visually stunning. It's a hybrid graphic memoir of when the author moves to Paris in 2019 to take a break from everything and unexpectedly meets the love of his life. You might guess from the title of the book that the author always thinks his relationships are going to last forever when in reality they are never forever. This book is about that, one man exposing his heart and soul and the details of a crushing short-lived romance. It also includes stories and advice from friends, family, and random dating app bios that are funny, sweet, sobering, and sometimes disturbing. 

I appreciate the author sharing his story, but for me, everything Paris is what I'm drawn to. Les baguettes. Le fromage. Le vin. Les cafés. La langue. The author takes French language lessons from a tutor while abroad and incorporates significant French phrases, locales and traditions into the graphics. I love all of that. The art is exceptional and includes an inspired 2-page spread featuring a mix-tape collage of the author's 25 best non-cheesy breakup songs and a flow chart of how to make friends in Paris. 

There's something to discover on each page of bold illustration and handwritten script. The primary colors used are black, yellow, and what I call "safety pink," a not quite neon, not quite light pink. It makes for a very cool combination. Overall, I was curious about the memoir and stuck around for the art and baguettes.  

Jul 3, 2023