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I miss Chi's Sweet Home

Cover of FukuFuku
A review of FukuFuku by Kanata Konami

Going back over time, I calculate that I've read and written about at least six different cat comics or children's graphic novel series on MADreads.  This does not include a childhood spent reading Garfield.  This does not include my recent (personal) purchasing and reading of the new "Grumpy Cat/Garfield" comic series.  Who knew that Grumpy Cat and Garfield knew each other?!?!?  It's an amazing world!!  I guess what I'm trying to say is that there's a wealth of this kind of material out there and I celebrate it.  All of it.

Chi's Sweet Home holds a special place in my heart.  Sadly, that series has ended.  For those who are unfamiliar with Chi, here's a review from 2014.  I've since moved on to FukuFuku, a charming cat manga from the creator of Chi's Sweet Home.  There are only two volumes, and they are in black and white, so that's a slight drawback.  But the stories are heartwarming - FukuFuku's owner is an elderly woman who is alternately doting and exhausted by keeping a busy kitten well-fed, entertained, and happy.  There's a nice article about FukuFuku on Comics Worth Reading, an independent review site. 

Another series that I'm looking forward to reading more of is Plum Crazy!:  Tales of a Tiger-Striped Cat.  The library has the first volume, but there are sure to be more.  Plum the cat is living a perfect life until a kitten named Snowball joins the family.  There are outside adventures, a trip to school, some learning and growing - it's all adorable!  Plum is published as traditional manga, read in panels from back to front, mostly right to left.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend any or all of these for burgeoning comic and graphic novel readers, fans of cat manga or any human who appreciates the cuteness in life.


Oct 19, 2017