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World Language Collection

Instructional language records, cassettes, CD's and videos are available in the audiovisual department at the Central Library, with more limited collections at the branches. Foreign language feature videos are available at the Central Library.

The Central Library has dictionaries and books for learning 68 different languages. For over 25 of those languages we have a representative sampling of fiction and nonfiction books in the language. The Spanish collection is the largest and covers a wide variety of subjects, including books and tapes for English speakers learning Spanish and for Spanish speakers learning English; guides for citizenship, employment, and high school equivalency; cookbooks, car repair manuals, general self-help books and a wide variety of Spanish, Latin American, and South American literature. The Central Library also has a selection of magazines in Spanish, French and German.

All branch libraries also own dictionaries, language primers, language tapes and videocassettes in the more popular languages. The Sequoya Branch has a foreign language fiction collection.

Children's materials are available in world languages as well. Many branches have small collections of materials in Spanish and other languages, and the Central and Goodman South Madison branch have more extensive collections of children's materials in other languages.