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Logic puzzles of increasing difficulty and a build-your-own Thinkrolls maze make this an excellent addition to (or introduction to) your Thinkrolls collection. If you've played Thinkrolls games before, you know the basics of how they ...

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If you liked any of the previos Thinkrolls apps, you'll love this one too!  In Thinkrolls, players must use logic to help a cute rolling ... about each of the unique features of this Space edition of Thinkrolls. Avokiddo Thinkrolls Space ...

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... they work their way through the different levels. AVOKIDDO ThinkRolls ...

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... for school age (or preschoolers with an adult companion) 3. Thinkrolls by Avokiddo (Google Play, Amazon & iOS, school age and up, I didn't review ALL of the Thinkrolls series, but they are all equally good.) 4. ...

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