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Thinkrolls Play & Code

Orange faced character with one eye closed and a big grin, surrounded by shapes
Reviewed on 12/16/20

Logic puzzles of increasing difficulty and a build-your-own Thinkrolls maze make this an excellent addition to (or introduction to) your Thinkrolls collection. If you've played Thinkrolls games before, you know the basics of how they work -- a small round character rolls around a maze and players must decide which order to do things in order to get through the maze (do I need to move this box here to fill this hole or eat this giant cookie blocking my path first?).  In this newest iteration of the game, there's plenty of classic Thinkrolls action, but there are also some new things. There's an area where you can customize your round character, a "Brain Games" section that includes things like "find the odd one out" and "hide and seek" and the biggest new feature -- a "build your own" section where you can create your own tricky maze for a Thinkrolls character to roll around. The only "coding" in the game is subtle -- things like order of operations, etc.) -- user won't need to type in coding commands. The app is free to download and you can access a little bit of each area with this free access (enough to give you an idea about whether or not your kid actually LIKES to play this game), and if you decide you want full access you can pay monthly or annual subscription fee.

Age group: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5