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Live Well @ Your Library

Live Well @ Your Library

Wellness is not just about physical health; it’s also about having a healthy mind and relationships. Madison Public Library can help you stay informed through our free resources and help you reach your wellness goals through our workshops by the community, for the community.

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We Read: Wellness Books

A few highlights of new and newer wellness books available at your library.

Cover of Return to Nature: the New

From MindBodyGreen's Senior Sustainability Editor and the co-author of The Spirit Almanac comes a four-color guide to reconnecting with the outdoors, with new research on how nature heals us as well as tools for becoming stewards of the earth that nurtures us.

Cover of Decolonizing Wellness: How

A road map to body acceptance and self-care for queer people of color, Decolonizing Wellness is filled with practical eating practices, journal prompts, affirmations, and mindfulness tools.

Cover of Every Body: An Honest and

Every Body is a collection of anonymous stories, essays, and interviews touching on a wide array of topics, including first times, open relationships, body acceptance, accidental pregnancies, sex toys, pleasure, fear and trauma, sexual discovery, and more. Framed by dozens of artists' illustrations, deeply personal interviews, and expert essays that address stigmas and clichés, this book is an informative, welcoming, and inclusive user's guide to your body, no matter its shape, size, or preferences.

Cover of The Urge :Our History of A

An authoritative, illuminating and deeply humane history of addiction -- by a therapist who has reached the depths of addiction himself. Even in the midst of a period of staggering drug abuse that we can confidently call a crisis, questions about the fundamental nature of addiction, its origins, and its ideal treatments abound. This absence of consensus is the latest plotted point on a centuries-old historical arc: as humans have struggled to define, treat, and control addictive behavior, stigma and controversy have been the only constants. With uncommon empathy and erudition, Carl Erik Fisher draws on his own experience as both a psychiatrist of addiction and a recovering alcoholic as he traces the history of a phenomenon that, centuries on, we hardly appear closer to defining -- let alone addressing responsibly.

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Movement & Meditation classes at Madison Public Library for BIPOC seniors


Madison Public Library is hosting Movement & Meditation classes for seniors on Fridays in May at both Goodman South Madison Library (2222 S. Park St.) and Meadowridge Library (5726 Raymond Rd.). 

Movement & Meditation is a movement class where elements of mindfulness and movement intersect for one hour! All identities, skill levels, and capabilities are encouraged and welcomed. Adaptable movements will be shared for all abilities. The end of each class will include time for reflection and connection. Notebooks and writing materials will be provided. This is an invitation to get to know your community while learning more about dance, movement and mindfulness.

Presented by KLJ Movement(link is external). KLJ Movement is a professional performance and dance company that embraces the influence of black and brown people in the world of dance.

This program is intended for BIPOC seniors 55+.

Classes begin May 6. For more details and to register visit:

You can also call Meadowridge Library (608-288-6160) or Goodman South Madison Library (608-266-6395) to sign up for the class. Walk-ins are welcome, too! 


Community Wellness Survey

Community responses from a wellness survey conducted in summer 2021 as part of the Live Well @ Your Library series, in collaboration with Be Well Madison and Midwest Mujeres. 


  • 84% respondents said they would use wellness services if they were offered in their neighborhood
  • In response to the question "What do you feel gets in your way of accessing wellness services three  stood out: cost/financial (25.7%), cultural stigma (15.8%) lack of trust in providers (12/9%)
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