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Value Line Investment Survey

Value Line is an investment research company collecting data and analyzing performance of approximately 8,000 stocks, 15,000 mutual funds, and 80,000 options and other securities. Value Line is best known for their Investment Survey, one of the most widely read investment services in the world.


Navigating Value Line online

After clicking the blue Connect to Value Line Investment Survey button on this page, you’ll arrive on the Dashboard. You can see this by looking at the dark menu bar at the top of the screen.

You’ll find some of Value Line’s most used tools under QUICK LINKS on the right:

  • VLIS Current Issue: recent updates for individual stocks.
  • Fund Advisor Plus: starting point for basic financial planning, including assessment of goals, understanding risk, and choosing and evaluating suitable funds.
  • The New ETFs Service: build custom stock screens and look up ETF reports
  • Summary & Index: contains an index of all stock in the Investment Survey as well as many up-to-date statistics, keeping investors informed about the latest company results. Also here, you’ll find a variety of stock screens designed to help investors quickly identify companies with characteristics matching their investing goals.
  • Selection & Opinion: this is the same as first 40 pages of the traditional print version of Value Line. It contains the latest economic and stock market forecasts, one-page write-ups about interesting and attractive stocks, model portfolios, and financial and stock market statistics.
  • VLIS Rank Changes: see stocks whose Timeliness or Performance ranks have changed for the week
Next to the Dashboard is Browse Research. This section contains Value Line’s Timeliness, Safety, and Technical ranks, financial and stock price forecasts for the coming 3-5 years, an analyst’s written commentary, and more.

After you click on Browse Research, in the top right corner box that says “Company name or symbol,” you can enter a company name or ticker symbol. Select the company or ticker symbol from the drop down menu and the research report will open.

  • Here you can hover over different modules, such as Ranks, Commentary, etc. in order to drag and drop them or hide them.
  • To view Value Line traditional single page company reports, click on PDF Reports in the upper right side of the screen.
  • Above the PDF button on the upper right side of the Value Line Report you will see 2 gray horizontal bars and 1 blue or green bar. Clicking on each different bar will give you different sets of information about the stock, such as the 52-week high and low prices, earnings per share estimates, and 3-5 year projections.
Next to Browse Research on the top menu bar is Markets, where you can view daily big-picture updates, an economic calendar of important events affecting the stock market, featured commentaries, and industry analysis. You can access this information before, during, and after market hours.


Next to Markets, the Find Ideas section offers model portfolios, a portfolio tracker, a stock screener tool, and more.
  1. To access the Stock Screener Tool, click “Screener” on the top sub-menu. The tool will appear with all available criteria, such as Industry, Market cap, Performance Rank, etc.
  2. Choose from the screening criteria listed on the left side of the page. Once you choose screening criteria by clicking on those you desire, the appropriate information will appear on the right side. A check mark appears when screening criteria is added. To remove screening criteria, click on the check mark, or click RESET CRITERIA to start over.

Clicking on Investment Education on the menu bar offers you articles, instructional videos, a glossary, Value Line University, and more.


Where are the features I used to find in the paper version of Value Line?

  • Analyst reports: From the Browse Research section look on the right side under Coverage Universe:
    • There is an option for Analyst Covered. When you click on that link, you find a list of analyst reports in alphabetical order, clickable and printable and looking like the paper version.  The PDF button to print is on the upper right on a gray toolbar.  All of the recent reports for the chosen stock are available to print from this PDF menu.
    • There are also Small & mid-cap featured reports here
  • Recent Timeliness Rank Updates and Recent Commentary Updates: From the Browse Research section look under the middle area called Value Line Featured Lists
  • Summary & Index: From the Dashboard under QUICK LINKS you will find the Summary & Index, which is the same as the first 40 pages of the printed version
  • You can also find reports for a specific company by going to the search box in the top-right corner of the Browse Research section, where it says, "Company name or symbol..."


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