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Madison Public Library offers a wide selection of film screenings at many of our locations, and has a large collection of DVDs and Blu-Ray DVDs in our catalog.

Lakeview - 2845 N Sherman Ave

Meadowridge - 5726 Raymond Rd

Monroe Street - 1705 Monroe St

There are no film events in the next month.

Pinney - 204 Cottage Grove Rd

Central - 201 W Mifflin St

Goodman South Madison - 2222 S Park St

Hawthorne - 2707 E Washington Ave

Sequoya - 4340 Tokay Blvd

There are no film events in the next month.


Lists of all new additions to our LINKcat catalog are posted monthly - click ‘Don’t Miss Lists’  on the blue banner. 

Lists include: Feature DVDs, Feature Blu-Rays, Special Interest DVDs and Blu-Rays (‘Special Interest’ means TV shows, Documentaries, How- to & Instructional )


Racial Equity Resources/Films

Recommendations for films, short videos, and content to use for trainings or self-growth. DVDs and web videos  listed are primarily from Recommended Resource lists from community groups working for Racial Equity, with some additional recommendations from Librarians.


Tools Librarians Recommend

Rotten Tomatoes

reviews and lists

IMDB (Internet Movie Database)

reviews, release dates, movie trailers

Common Sense Media

parents' and librarians' guide to what's in movies - positive role models, positive messages, drinking/drugs/smoking, sex, violence, swearing, consumerism

reviews by staff and site visitors- suggested age for each film/tv show


aggregator of fim, tv, video game reviews 

Indian Country Today

searchable site for of recommended Native films, weekly general newsletter delivers Culture and News categories to your inbox- including periodic reviews and lists of films and TV shows

Black Film

latest updates in Black film, TV, and entertainment news

recommended: social media channels for updates -site has many pop-up ads


Film Features

Cinesthesia 2024

Cinesthesia 2024 at Central Library in Madison Wisconsin

Central Library's monthly film series, Cinesthesia, takes place on Wednesday nights from 6-8:30pm

Jan 9, 2024

Penguin Party | Fiesta De Pingüinos

Penguin Party at Goodman South Madison Library showcases the FieldDay Virtual Reality Game Waddle

Join a Penguin Party at Goodman South Madison Library in January to try the FieldDay Virtual Reality game Waddle about Antarctic penguins while enjoying fun crafts for the whole family

Jan 2, 2024

Hawthorne Movie Matinees for Adults

Hawthorne Movie Matinee at Hawthorne Library

Stop into Hawthorne Library every Thursday afternoon at 2PM for a movie matinee! Most films are geared towards adults, with a rating of R or equivalent.

Oct 5, 2023

Friday Family Films

Friday Family Films at Goodman South Madison Library 2023-24

Enjoy family-friendly movie nights at Goodman South Madison Library on the third Friday of each month.

Sep 27, 2023