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Go straight to the Wisconsin's Digital Library, Powered by OverDrive or learn more about all of our offerings below. With Overdrive, you can download audiobooks, eBooks, music and videos directly to your computer or for use with a variety of devices. Fiction and nonfiction are included, and many popular titles are available.

**Kindle users**
If you are having trouble downloading books on your Kindle, you may need to update your device. Click here to see Amazon's instructions for specifics.

All eBooks, eAudiobooks, and downloadable media

Flipster Magazines

Access magazines just as you would on paper in this new magazine database. Get the app to read magazines offline.

Beginning January 2, 2019, you'll need Madison Public Library's user ID and password to log in to the app instead of just your library card. Ask for the credentials at your nearest Madison library.

This resource is available remotely to users with a subscribing library as their home library and in-library at all subscribing libraries. Beginning January 2, 2019, you will need to login with your library's user ID and password. Check with your library for this information.

eBook and Audiobook News

Changes to Flipster

Beginning January 2, 2019, only certain SCLS libraries will continue subscribing to Flipster.

But don't worry, Madison Public Library is one of them!

January 2, 2019