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Graphic Novels for Beginning Readers

This is a list of graphic novels perfect for beginning readers. There is relatively little text on each page, the illustrations are bright and friendly and the storylines are appropriate for younger readers. There are still some “rare words” and some of the books use non-standard fonts that might prove challenging to readers who are still working on the basics.

Cover of Simon & Chester: Super Fam

Chester lives with his Grandma, his cat Mr. Pickles, and Simon the ghost. Lately Chester has been feeling like he's missing out when he sees other families out doing fun family things. So when Chester gets the opportunity to join his friend Amie and her family on a trip to the water park, he is in. Meanwhile, Simon is off to his yearly ghost conference, excited to finally have something to show off about (haunting his very own house, for example) to the cool ghosts.

Cover of The Greatest in the World!

Two spud siblings face off in a series of epic challenges to prove who's 'the greatest in the world.

Cover of Geraldine Pu and Her Lucky
Maggie P.

Geraldine Pu is assigned to write a true story about her family at school and discovers that her family is full of incredible memories.

Cover of Crab & Snail: The Invisibl
Jared Chapman

The never-ending rain is putting a damper on Crab and Snail's plans for a sunny, funny day. So when the BBFs (Best Beach Friends) realize that it's only raining on them, they put their heads together and consult one know-it-all gull (he really does know it all!) to get to the bottom of it. By the time the rain clears, the duo will have made a new friend and learned something new and wonderful about friendship!

Cover of New Kids in the Flock

Parenting is tough--even for a genius like Arlo--but luckily he isn't alone: his partner Marla and Uncle Pips are there to help! From building a new nest and taking care of Marla while she incubates the eggs to teaching the chicks everything they need to know, Arlo has his wings full. Join Arlo, Pips, Marla, and the new chicks as they explore this next big chapter in their lives.

Cover of Sunny the Shark

When she accidentally mistakes a plastic ring for prey and it gets caught around her fin, Sunny the Shark must find a way to free herself to find food before winter sets in. Based on a true story.

Cover of Bug Scouts Out In The Wild

To earn their "foraging" bug badge, Doug, Abby and Josh, the Bug Scouts, embark on an adventure in the wilderness to find an edible plant and encounter a clever, yet hungry, frog who distracts them from their mission.

Cover of Cookie & Broccoli: Book of

Cookie and Broccoli discover the joy of sharing secrets with friends.

Cover of Expedition Backyard
Rosemary Mosco and
Binglin Hu

Mole and Vole always venture out into the world to see what nature they can find, but after an accidental move from the country to the city, the best friends have to learn to discover new plants and animals in their new environment.

Cover of Sir Ladybug and the Bookwo
Corey R.

While on his way to fulfill a most noble duty--returning his library book before it is overdue, Sir Ladybug engages in a battle royale against the dastardliest of foes: bookworms!