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Board Books

Cover of AntiRacist Baby
by Ibram Kendi
forthcoming, June 2020

With bold art and thoughtful yet playful text, Antiracist Baby introduces the youngest readers and the grown-ups in their lives to the concept and power of antiracism.

Cover of Baby Dance
by Ann Taylor

For babies who are responding to music and movement, here's a playful poem that has father and child dancing lovingly across the pages.

Cover of Baby Talk
by Stella Blackstone

Babies talk in all kinds of ways - and the people who love them talk back! This unique board book has been specially created for parents and older children to share with new babies, helping to lay the foundations for secure attachment and early language skills.

Cover of Baby's First Words
by Stella Blackstone, illustrated by Sunny Scribens

Spend the day with a busy baby and her two dads, and learn the words for things you do and see along the way! This innovative first-words book features labels for objects, actions and sound effects, as well as a fun seek-and-find element.

Cover of Bitty Brown Babe
by Deborah Lefalle, illustrated by Keisha Morris

A parent tells her baby how sweet they are and how blessed their family is.

Cover of Boy of Mine
by Jabari Asim, illustrated by LeUyen Pham

A little boy plays among the stars before his mommy tucks him in and wishes him sweet dreams. The beautiful starry sky in the illustrations is a tribute to Van Gogh's "Starry Night", and the charming lullaby, inspired by "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," will take babies on a magical journey before bedtime.

Cover of Brown Sugar Babies
by Charles R. Smith, Jr.

Illustrations and rhyming text describe babies.

Cover of Cradle Me
by Debbie Slier

This book is filled with photos of Native American babies with their different styles of cradle boards. Available in bilingual English/Navajo and English/Ojibwe versions.

Cover of Daddy, Papa and me
by Lesléa Newman

From hide-and-seek to dress-up, then bath time and a kiss goodnight, there's no limit to what a loving family can do together.

Cover of Girl of Mine
by Jabari Asim, illustrated by LeUyen Pham

As daddy cradles his baby girl, she is suddenly whisked away on a fantastical adventure, swinging above lush floral gardens under the golden moonlight. The sweet text, inspired by "Rock-A-Bye Baby," will whisk little ones off to peaceful slumber.

Cover of Go Vote, Baby!
by Nancy Lambert, illustrated by Anne Passchier

A fun, sturdy novelty board book with 13 sliding doors! Toddlers will love casting their vote as they "slide-and-vote" in everyday situations like striped or polka dot socks in the morning, vanilla or chocolate ice cream at snack time, and many more exciting choices every kid faces throughout the day. This sturdy board book is a great way to encourage toddlers to always cast their votes, despite how ordinary or tiny the decision may seem!

Cover of I am kind: ahimsa, compass
by Lisa Edwards, illustrated by Sandhya Prabhat

Discover ahimsa--the many ways we can create a kind and peaceful world.

Cover of Kids Like Me...Learn ABCs
by Laura Ronay

Featuring adorable and diverse children with Down syndrome on every page, and many of their siblings too, these chunky, sturdy books are perfect for youngsters who are ready to start learning skills like their ABCs and colors.

Cover of Kiss by Kiss: a counting b
by Richard Van Camp

Count your kisses with baby in this delightful dual-language rhyming board book, written in English and Plains Cree.

Cover of Little You
by Richard Van Camp, illustrated by Julie Flett

A tender board book for babies and toddlers that honors the child in everyone. With its delightful contemporary illustrations, Little You is perfect to be shared, read or sung to all the little people in your life--and the new little ones on the way!

Cover of Love You Head to Toe
by Ashley Barron

Love You Head To Toe combines Ashley Barron's illustrations with a simple rhyming text that compares babies to baby animals. Each comparison takes up one spread and features the baby animal and the baby each engaged in a similar action. The most obvious strength of the book lies in Ashley's illustrations--the babies and the baby animals are adorable--but the text is equally strong with a great rhyming structure that makes this both a wonderful book for parents to share with their children and for story time in both libraries and daycares.

Cover of Mama, Mommy and Me
by Lesléa Newman

A baby enjoys a number of fun activities with her two mothers.

Cover of May We Have Enough To Shar
by Richard Van Camp

A beautiful board book about gratitude by celebrated Indigenous author Richard Van Camp, complemented by photos from tea&bannock, a collective blog by Indigenous women photographers.

Cover of My Heart Fills with Happin
by Monique Gray Smith, illustrated by Julie Flett

The sun on your face. The smell of warm bannock baking in the oven. Holding the hand of someone you love. What fills your heart with happiness? This beautiful board book, with illustrations from celebrated artist Julie Flett, serves as a reminder for little ones and adults alike to reflect on and cherish the moments in life that bring us joy. International speaker and award-winning author Monique Gray Smith wrote My Heart Fills with Happiness to support the wellness of Indigenous children and families, and to encourage young children to reflect on what makes them happy.

Cover of Not a Baby Anymore!
by Jorge Uzon

A beautifully photographed series of board books (Hello, Baby!, Look Around, Baby!, Go, Baby Go!) shows us the major stages in a baby's first year -- the first day, sitting, crawling, and walking. Mother, father, and big brother also appear. In Not a Baby Anymore! the little boy has made the amazing transition to walking, and he has even started day care. We see him having his first haircut and getting all dressed up in time to celebrate his very first birthday party.

Cover of Pride colors
by Robin Stevenson

In this photographic concept book, babies and toddlers are introduced to the PRIDE flag and the meaning behind each color

Cover of Red Socks
by Ellen Mayer

As a mother dresses her baby, they both enjoy finding a missing sock.

Cover of Smile
by Roberta Grobel Intrater

Share the warmth of a smile with these adorable babies! The perfect snuggletime book and an ideal first read-aloud book, this addition to the popular Baby Faces series (SLEEP, SPLASH! and HUGS & KISSES) has appealing photos of multicultural babies and toddlers and a brief, rhyming text.

Cover of Together
by Mona Damluji, illustrated by Innosanto Nagara

A poem about the transformational change that happens when people stop acting alone and start doing things together

Cover of What Is Light?
by Markette Sheppard

Young readers will enjoy discovering the special glow in everything from nature to the smiles of loved ones. The light revealed on the final page makes a fitting finale for this sweet, bright tale.