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Mental Wellness Workshop Series

Oct 6, 2022
Mental Wellness Workshop Series with Nikyra McCann at Meadowridge Library

As we get closer to the holiday season, you may want to focus more on mental health and wellness. Meadowridge Library has partnered with Nikyra McCann to offer a series of events each Monday in October on a range of mental wellness topics. No registration required. 

Upcoming Events:

Standing in Stability

October 10, 5-7PM

Learn how to identify and address effective ways of holding yourself together in difficult times by building interpersonal relationships.  Attendees will learn to identify and address mental and emotional roadblocks, as well as tools for overcoming them. 

Coping with Mental Illness

October 17, 5-7PM

Everyone has encountered mental illness - either personally or vicariously through someone we know. Living with or assisting someone with navigating an ongoing or temporal state can be exhausting. This workshop promotes techniques to find coping mechanisms that work best for each individual attendee!


October 24, 5-7PM

This workshop shows participants how to learn and participate in lifelong skills to minimize the stress of everyday life. Attendees will walk away with new awareness of what is taking place and how they chose to react to it. This teaches attendees how to have a little bit of space to decide how they want to respond, rather than reacting!

Building Self-Esteem

October 31, 5-7PM

This workshop walks attendees through evaluating where their self esteem is and how they currently see themselves. Identifying self-love and how to see one's authentic self is key to seeing strengths, weaknesses, self-value and your purpose in life, as well as how to create self-support.

About the Presenter

Nikyra McCannNikyra McCann is the Founder at Still Standing Enterprise LLC and Motivational Speaker who has been featured throughout the world. She specializes in inspirational workshops and seminars pertaining to mental health. We offer therapy through Art & Music for those who have experienced mental health circumstances. Still Standing Enterprise is the Home of Uniquely Beautiful Boutique. Nikyra sits on the Board of Directors for NAMI Dane County as well as Housing Initiatives. She also sits on the CCS Coordination Committee. Here at Still Standing Enterprise it is our hope that you continue to Smile!