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Gaming at the Library

Jan 3, 2024
Gaming at Madison Public Library

At Madison Public Library, we host gaming nights of all different kinds! Whether you want to gather around the table top and enjoy some traditional or new board games, go on a weeks long Dungeons and Dragons campaign, or try your hand at Nintendo Switch or play Minecraft, we've got something for everyone. From all-ages groups, Gaming Clubs for kids and teens, and adult board game nights, the library is your spot to explore gaming in Madison in a free, fun environment. See upcoming events below: 

Online Gaming & Minecraft

Gaming Club at Hawthorne Library

Drop-in and play games on the library's iPads and Nintendo Switch. Minecraft, Roblox, Mario Kart, & more! Board games will also be available.

Family and friend groups are encouraged to attend and play together. 

Youth 8 years and younger must have a caregiver with them during the program.

Minecraft Club at Lakeview Library

Play Minecraft in both survival and creative worlds!  There is a limited number of computers, so participants will take turns as needed. This club meets weekly on Mondays. 

Minecraft Club at Pinney Library

Play Minecraft in both survival and creative worlds!  There is a limited number of computers, so participants will take turns as needed.

Adult Board Game Nights

Board Game Cafe at Lakeview Library

Join friends and neighbors for a game night! Revisit old favorites or try something brand new from the library's collection of board games and card games. Beverages and snacks will be provided.

Adult Board Game Night at Pinney Library

Bring friends or make new ones every third Thursday of the month from 6:30-8:30pm to play board games! There will be a mix of longer-play games (Settlers of Catan, Betrayal at House on the Hill, etc) and some shorter games (Code Names, Exploding Kittens, Yahtzee, and more!) Snacks are provided; no registration is needed.

Adult Board Game Club at Sequoya Library

Adults of all ages and abilities are invited to socialize and enjoy a variety of board games at this monthly meeting hosted by Living Our Visions Inclusively (LOV Inc.) in partnership with the Sequoya Library. We'll have a selection of games on hand, but feel free to bring your favorites!

Dungeons & Dragons and Beyond

Kids' Open Dungeons & Dragons Campaign

School age children (elementary and middle school) are invited to join us for Kid-led Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Be a part of our adventuring party where you'll use your imagination and creativity to explore a fantasy world in an epic quest.Our Dungeon Master Jared will provide support and help guide campaigns along with our adult D&D experts and our Youth Librarian Ruth. This Wednesday group is for beginners.

Madison Tabletop Roleplaying

For people interested in a wide variety of roleplaying games, including traditional roleplaying games such as Original D&D, 1st Edition AD&D, Classic Traveller, Pendragon, and Call of Cthulhu, as well as retro-clones like Old School Essentials, Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, and others.

We also play more contemporary RPGs such as Savage Worlds and GURPS, as well as games like Beyond the Wall, Torchbearer, Powered By The Apocalypse and FATE.

If you played any of these games in the past, or are COMPLETELY NEW to them, we're happy to have you come and play. 

Meets every third Saturday at Hawthorne Library.